To apply for a New Passport

Please Book Appointment on Website or by Clicking Here

Required Documents:

1. Previous Passport in Original (if any) & Copy

2. Valid Original Computerized National Identity Card (C.N.I.C) & Copy

3. Alien Registration Card & Copy


5 Years Passport Fee:-

Ordinary Fee:           41,000 KRW
Urgent Fee:              82,000 KRW


10 years Passport Fee:-

Ordinary Fee:           82,000 KRW
Urgent Fee:              130,000 KRW

Processing Time

Ordinary:    One Month
Urgent:        15 Days


Passport Renewal

In case of Emergency due to pandemic situation the passports may also be extended for one year temporarily.

No appointment required.

Fee: 15,000 korean won

Form: Manual Passport Extension Form

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