Today marks the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence from British rule in 1947.

The Pakistan Embassy held an event in Seoul on Sunday to celebrate their Independence Day.

Our Jeongeun Lee was there and files this report.


Pakistan’s Ambassador to South Korea Rahim Hayat Qureshi delivered a speech to mark the occasion, at K-Turtle Hall in the Mapo district.

Speaking to local Pakistani leaders, citizens and friends from the Korean community, he highlighted his country’s strength and the spirit of the Pakistani people.

[Qureshi: 00:16] “When Pakistan was created, critics said it would not survive for six months. It pleases me to see we have progressed so much.”

The ambassador also congratulated active exchanges and diplomatic ties between Islamabad and Seoul and expressed hope for future bilateral contributions by both countries.

Jeongeun Lee, eFM News.■


Source: http://www.tbs.seoul.kr/news/bunya.do?method=daum_html&typ_800=I&seq_800=10234247

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