Embassy will grant entry Visa to Media persons on the recommendations of EP wing of Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The Mission requires the following documents/information before forwarding it to Pakistan for approval.

Visa Application Form (duly filled in)

Computer Performa

Two (2) passport sized photographs

Copy of Passport

Flight ticket (Round trip)

Boarding/Lodging Arrangements

Detailed date/City wise itinerary/Schedule

Undertaking (by the Applicant)

Synopsis of the Documentary

CVs of the Team Members

List of equipment

Profile of the Institute/Organization

Visa Fee

Single Entry less than 3 months:                   30,000 KRW

One year Multiple:                                              45,000 KRW

Processing Time

Visa will be issued upon receipt of instructions from Ministry of Information


Note: NGO (Non-Governmental Organization ) workers will not be issued any type of visas unless they provide Security Clearance Certificated from Ministry of Interior, Pakistan.


Visa Application Form: Word PDF

Computer Proforma: journalist_visa_computer_proforma


Deposit of visa fee does not guarantee a visa

Fee is nonrefundable

Visa will be effective from the Date of Issue.

Delay in processing of visa applications in case of incomplete visa forms is the responsibility of the applicant.

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