To apply for Business Visa

Submit Visa Application Form (duly filled in)

Submit Passport (should be valid for a period of at least six months)

Attach one Copy of Passport

Submit Flight ticket (Round trip)

Attach Two (2) passport sized photographs

Attach one copy of company’s registration certificate

Submit Travel order and Business card

A Business letter of the concerned company* or an Invitation letter from the hosts in Pakistan*

※ Requirements marked with an asterisk * should be attached to Visa Application Form.
※ Do not fax or send to Embassy separately.

Visa Fee

Single Entry less than 3 months:                     120,000 KRW

Multiple Entries:                                                  180,000 KRW

More than One Year Multiple:                        240,000 KRW

Processing Time

3 Working days

Business Letters should clearly highlight the followings

Brief history/details about the company: establishment date, location, business type, product category, operation history in Pakistan and other relevant details

Nature of company’s business projects / plans in Pakistan

Purpose of the current visit to Pakistan

Applicants’ position at the company

Full details of the hosts/contacts in Pakistan (companies, individuals or others)


Note: NGO (Non-Governmental Organization ) workers will not be issued any type of visas unless they provide Security Clearance Certificated from Ministry of Interior, Pakistan.

For Work Visa, approval from Ministry of Interior Pakistan is sought.


Visa Application Form: Word | PDF


Deposit of visa fee does not guarantee a visa
Fee is nonrefundable
Visa will be effective from the Date of Issue.
Delay in processing of visa applications in case of incomplete visa forms is the responsibility of the applicant.
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