In case of loss of Passport

Submit Report for Lost Passport Form (duly completed)

Attach Police report for the lost passport: this can be obtained from a police station after reporting lost passport

Attach Computerized National Identity Card (C.N.I.C) in original and a copy of the same

Attach one photocopy of the lost Pakistani passport’s first two pages


Ordinary Fee:             90,000 KRW
Urgent Fee:                 150,000 KRW

Processing Time

Ordinary:     One Month
Urgent:        15 days

Loss of Passport 3rd Time

In case of lost passport issued by other issuing authorities, a new passport would be issued upon receipt of verification/N.O.C from those authorities.

If passport is lost for a 3rd time, regular passport will not be issued. However emergency passport upon verification may be issued to facilitate the applicant’s return to Pakistan.

In case of third time lost passport matter would be referred to Directorate General of Immigration and Passports for further necessary action.


Passport Lost Report Form:  Word | PDF
Form A: Word | PDF
Form B: Word | PDF

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