Documents required for Change of Name of Korean National (Pakistani Origin)

  1. Korean Court Order/ Certificate for Name Change
  2. Foreign Passport
  3. POC (Pakistani Origin Card)
  4. Renunciation Certificate
  5. One Photograph with White Back ground
  6. Korean Address in English
  7. Parents Pakistani CNIC Card Copies ( in case of parents death certificate)
  8. Brother or Sister Pakistani CNIC Card copy with his/her Mobile Number
  9. Nikkah Nama (Masjid)
  10. Korean Foreign Registration Certificate. (Khajuk Khwangay Chugmuing su)
  11. Pakistani ID card Copy and Mobile Number of one Pakistani Verifier
  12. Khibun Chungmun Su.


NADRA related Services

Embassy of Pakistan is observing the following time for consular services:

Monday to Thursday:

1000 hrs to 1300 hrs


1000 hrs to 12 hrs


Lunch Break: 1300-1400

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