The Embassy of Pakistan finances expenses incurred on transportation / repatriation of dead bodies of Pakistanis which includes air fare, preparation of dead body, coffin box and embalming of the body. A No-Objection Certificate (NOC), which is required by the Korean authorities, is provided by the Embassy. Documents required for processing of case include:

Original Passport & CNIC/ NICOP

Death Certificate issued by hospital; Incase of accident or other un-natural death, Police & Autopsy / Postmortem Reports/Certificates are also required

Certificate of Embalming/Mortuary

Name/ contact details of the person who will receive the body in Pakistan

Name of person/ contact details accompanying the dead body

In case spouse of deceased person is Korean national,

*  For burial of deceased’s body in Pakistan, permission is required from spouse

*  For burial of deceased’s body in Korea, permission is required from family of deceased in Pakistan


For such cases of transportation of dead bodies,

+82 2-7968252; +822-7968253; +82 2-7960312

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