The Embassy of Pakistan finances expenses incurred on transportation / repatriation of dead bodies of Pakistanis which includes air fare, preparation of dead body, coffin box and embalming of the body. A No-Objection Certificate (NOC), which is required by the Korean authorities, is provided by the Embassy. Documents required for processing of case include:

Original Passport & CNIC/ NICOP

Death Certificate issued by hospital; Incase of accident or other un-natural death, Police & Autopsy / Postmortem Reports/Certificates are also required

Certificate of Embalming/Mortuary

Name/ contact details of the person who will receive the body in Pakistan

Name of person/ contact details accompanying the dead body

Incase spouse of deceased person is Korean national,

*  For burial of deceased’s body in Pakistan, permission is required from spouse

*  For burial of deceased’s body in Korea, permission is required from family of deceased in Pakistan

For such cases of transportation of dead bodies,
Mr. Mansoor ul Hassan (PA to CWA), may be contacted at
i. +82 2-7968252; +822-7968253; +82 2-7960312 (Ext 110);
Mobile: 010-42987756;

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