The State Emblem

The State Emblem of Pakistan, which was approved by the Central Government in 1954, symbolises Pakistan’s ideological foundation, its cultural heritage, the guiding principles and the basis of its economic strength.
The four ingredients of the Emblem are:

The crescent and star crest at the top is a traditional symbol of Islam

The shield in the centre, with four partitions, shows cotton, wheat, tea and jute. These are the main crops of Pakistan and signify the strong agriculture based economy

The wreath surrounding the shield is a reproduction of the floral designs used in traditional Mughal art. Its inclusion in the design reminds of the nation’s cultural heritage

The scroll supporting the shield carries the Urdu version of Quaid-e-Azam’s famous motto — “Faith”, “Unity”, “Discipline”. These three words articulate the guiding principles for the nation

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