To apply for a Family Visa

Submit Visa Application Form (duly completed)

Submit Passport (should be valid for a period of at least six months)

Attach one Copy of Passport

Attach Two (2) passport sized photographs

Attach One copy of Certificate of Marriage (HoJokDungBon)

Attach Copy of CNIC/NICOP or any other document showing family relation with Pakistan

Submit Confirmation of Airline ticket (Round trip)

Visa Fee

Single Entry less than 3 months:                     30,000 KRW

Up to one year Multiple Entries:                     45,000 KRW

More than 1 year Multiple:                               60,000 KRW

Transit:                                                                 15,000 KRW

Processing Time

3 Working days

NOTE: Pakistani origin applicants are advised to apply for the POC Card.


Visa Application Form: Word PDF


Deposit of visa fee does not guarantee a visa

Fee is nonrefundable

Visa will be effective from the Date of Issue.

Delay in processing of visa applications in case of incomplete visa forms is the responsibility of the applicant.

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