For Third Country Nationals, to apply for Visa

Submit Visa Application Form (duly filled in)

Submit Passport (should be valid for a period of at least six months)

Attach one copy of Passport

Attach Two (2) passport sized photographs

Submit Invitation letter (in the case of visiting a relative/Friend)

Attach Hotel Reservation

Attach Confirmation of Airline ticket (Round trip)

Submit Travel schedule in English (including detail of flight & travel schedule)

A Job certificate/Student Certificate should be attached (a copy of company’s registration certificate is acceptable for a business owner)

Foreigners belonging to third countries in possession of resident or long term visas are eligible to apply.

The applicant must submit a copy of valid “Alien Registration Card” which has to be at least 6 months valid.

Visa Fee

This fee depends on regulation in force at time of application, depending on country of origin of applicant
Processing Time

3 Working days



Note: NGO (Non-Governmental Organization ) workers will not be issued any type of visas unless they provide Security Clearance Certificated from Ministry of Interior, Pakistan.



Visa Application Form: Word PDF


Deposit of visa fee does not guarantee a visa

Fee is nonrefundable

Visa will be effective from the Date of Issue.

Delay in processing of visa applications in case of incomplete visa forms is the responsibility of the applicant.

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