The people coming from this category of countries do not require RT-PCR test as a criterion before travelling to Pakistan. Passengers from these countries do not need to quarantine after arrival as well, with the essential premise that they are symptoms free based on screening conducted by authorities at the port of arrival.
Secondly, all passengers need to download pass track app, and insert date on the pass track app before landing in Pakistan (available at Android Play store
If the passengers by any possibility do not have pass track app, they would need to fill out the web version of the Pass Track App ( and a health declaration form (HDF) before landing.
Passengers arriving from these countries if found to have symptoms, when screened at the port of arrival by Pakistani authorities, will be required to have a COVID-19 RT PCR test conducted and its result essentially submitted to the designated authorities within 48 hours of their arrival. Contact details of such suspected cases will be acquired by port authorities and information about the test report submission process will be provided to such suspected cases before they leave the airport. Such suspected cases (based on screening at the port/point of Entry) are not required to be retained/quarantined by the authorities at the time of disembarkation and can proceed to their destination. In instances where the test is found to be negative, they do not need to be quarantined at their respective homes/[;aces of visit; however, in case of a positive RT-PCR result, such cases would be required to self-isolate as per the guidelines for positive cases and isolation procedures. Furthermore, the contacts of positive case need to self-quarantine in accordance to the guidelines for self-quarantine.
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