“Run for Kashmir” Tele Marathon
Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IIOJK) has been under military siege for over a year now. Let us become a glimmer of hope for Kashmiris by showing them that they are not alone and the entire world is behind them.
A Virtual Run for Kashmir is a global humanitarian event aimed at creating awareness about the atrocities of Indian occupation forces in IIOJK. Join the virtual marathon at your own time and pace between 14th August and 30th September. Every mile you run will show Kashmiris that we care. Also encourage your friends and family to join.
All you need to do is:-
a. Register on website: http://runforkashmir.org
c. Login to the app.
d. Start running by selecting a particular challenge and the app will record your distance & time.
e. Once you have completed the run, your results will automatically be updated on the scoreboard.
f. Take a screenshot and share your results on social media
(2) Facebook:

(3) Facebook: Pakistan Embassy:

(4) Twitter: Pakistan Embassy: https://twitter.com/PakistaninSeoul?s=08

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